Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sucks 2 be me. . .

hai y'all...
fuh.agk lme la kn aq x update pape yg bru kn..
so my story..
taw kn hri valentine ari 2..
we finally broke up..
for good now..

yg plik nye..kteorg x gdoh pn..
juz break wit peacefully..
i thinks so..
whatever it is, i still hve 2 move on rite??
aq pkir byk lg la p'puan len..
yg x wat bnda2 yg bullshit 2..
t aq buktikn yg lepaskn aq ialah smthing that she will regret 4 the rest of her life..
so aq mlz nk cte lbh2..
my GURU aka one of my best friend hve a good time bcoz i broke up.. rmbut yg aq idam kn sbornye..
i hope my hair turn out 2 be like that..
stail low x??

ok now..
you hve read my blog therefore plez follow my blog
or get the hell out of here!!

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